Planning for Our Next Five Years

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Several of our class leaders attended the Alumni Leadership Council in September 2017., and we had a discussion at lunch. Our consensus is our priorities for the next 5 years are as follows:
1) The MOST important thing we need to do is to communicate. Hank McCarl and Hersch Clopper have the class notes; David Bragdon will invite classmates to join the Facebook page; and Ollie Smoot will continue to work the other issues.
2) Do we want to have a mini reunion in Arizona or California in the Spring of 2020? Please comment.
3) We would like to ask all classmates to send a brief (2012-2020) update on our bios to be made into an update edition for our 60th reunion.
4) And last but NOT least, we want to focus our donation efforts on education. There are several student scholarships, the Class of 1962 scholarship, the Jerry Adams Memorial scholarship and several Cunningham scholarships which James Draper still has an outstanding pledge to match up to $55,000.
5) After the wonderful panel that Larry Pitts set up in June 2017 we want to encourage MIT to initiate, support , and measure programs to help make underserved high school students eligible for high level scientific schools such as MIT, Cal Tech, Ga Tech and Rice.
Comments are welcome on all points, and especially on whether to have a mini-reunion.
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