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Here you will find information about our class, its membership, its activities, and its giving.

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Take a look again at the Lost List and try to remember when and where you last saw each individual. Let Ed Feustel, Ollie Smoot, Hank McCarl, and Hersch Clopper  know. Perhaps we can determine how many of the Lost List are deceased prior to our 55th in 2017.

Facebook Accounts

If you have a Facebook Account and would like to join the closed MIT Class of 1962 group, let Hersch Clopper or Ed Feustel know and we will invite you to the Group for 1962. Please use the same e-mail address that you use for Facebook when you contact us or enclose it in your note to us.

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If you have a home page or blog that you would like to share, please contact Ed Feustel or Ollie Smoot. If you have a home page that is inaccessible, it will be removed. Note that home pages requiring registration with third parties will not be listed.

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Giving - Endowment and Scholarships - 2014/11/21

Class Officers - 2012/09/15 (Pictures)

Obituaries - 2016/08/03

Missing Alums - 2016/08/15

Class Notes
The Class Notes from 2001 to Present are on the Technology Review Site.
The Class Notes prior to 2001 are now available on the special class archive site which may be accessed through the menu item above. Contact a secretary for the username and password of the site.


The Class of 1962 Website.

We hope that this website will help you connect with the Institute and its Alumni and Alumnae. Please explore every heading above.  If you feel something is missing or could be improved, please contact Ed Feustel and Ollie Smoot , Webmasters. If you find errors or rough places send the Secretaries or the Webmasters a note detailing the problem(s).

Note that you can now search the alumni notes in our class for the name of a class mate (back through November 2000). Notes prior to November can be viewed but not easily searched. Contact one of the Class Secretaries for the site userid and its password.
Ed Feustel

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